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Friday, June 30, 2006

Rants, Gripes and Thoughts

-Antonin Scalia is BY FAR my favorite justice. I like him for the same reason I like Don Rumsfeld: they both are no-nonsense and don't take crap from anyone. Plus, Scalia just looks cool.
-When will the Red Sox start losing?! This has to stop now.
-Yankees fans need to stop booing A-Rod. What the hell are they trying to do?
-Larry Bird better be right about this new draft pick.
-How do the French get to be in such a bad group in the 1st round of World Cup play, and the U.S. has to be put in the hardest? It's because the whole world hates the idea of the U.S. succeeding. To be honest, our great president has also helped in increasing animosity towards us around the world.
-How the hell is the second son from the Brady Bunch engaged to such a hot young model?
-Speaking of the Brady Bunch, here are the top 5 WORST television shows of all time:
1) The O.C.
2) The Brady Bunch
3) The Partridge Family (well, besides Danny Bonaduce. He's great)
4) American Idol
5) The Real World
-Did the Brady dad, Robert Reed, die? I believe he was gay and died from AIDS, but I'm not 100% sure. Maybe that was the 1st Darrin from Bewitched (Dick York)


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