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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Many people around the world love the music of Neil Young, the old grungy Canadian rocker. I don't.

Neil Young's latest album is full of newly written protest songs, mainly directed at President Bush and the U.S. Government. Now I don't have any problem whatsoever with protest songs. Bob Marley is one of my favorite artist. And while I don't like Bob Dylan's voice that much, his lyrics are more profound than any other artist. The Clash, next to the Who, are my favorite band and Joe Strummer made protest songs cool.

But Neil Young is different. Neil Young is Canadian. And he's singing songs directed at President Bush and the U.S. government. Now true, Bob Marley was Jamaican, and the Clash were English, but their songs were either directed at their own governments or to the world in general. Clash songs like "Guns of Brixton" and "London Calling" dealt with domestic issues in London and its urban area. Bob Marley sang about his Jamaican ghetto home Trench Town, and was greatly involved with the presidential election in the late 70's between Edward P. Seaga and Michael Manley (he was even shot for his involvement.)

Yes, Neil Young has children who are American citizens. But he's not. And until he decides to become one, I don't want to listen to any American protest song he writes. I do not agree with the majority of what Bush and our current government is doing. But Canada has its own problems as well. So Young first needs to sing about how his bacon got burnt, or how the NHL was on strike, or on the uber-high living prices in Vancouver before he should attempt to talk about impeaching my president.

Neil Young was also voted the #2 best living songwriter by Paste Magazine, after Bob Dylan. What a load of b.s. How can you put Paul McCartney, or Pete Townshend BEHIND grungy, dirty Neil Young. BOY GEORGE should be in front of Neil Young. Hell, MILLI VANILLI should be placed in front of Neil Young. "Let's Impeach the President"? How bout, "Let's Impeach Neil Young". What a disgusting Canuck he is.


Blogger Mick Wilbury said...

My young friend,
I'm not American either and I would love to have Neil's talent so that I could also write some protest songs against the biggest liar/murderer in the Modern History.

Do I have the right? And why do I have the right?

Because the Americans are the most accomplished society in the world today.
The fact that the USA is the leader of the world carries an enormous responsiblity that your president simply ignored.

He ignored different cultures, different faiths and betrayed everybody everywhere. He even betrayed your own people by lying and driving the country into an useless war.

If we were talking about any secondary player from some God forsaken country , well, we would not be talking at all, right?

But for all the love that I have for the USA and the Americans in general, is quite embarrassing to have elected (and re-elected) such an illiterate and dangerous idiot.

There's a popular saying in Mexico that goes like this:
"The worst idiot is the idiot with initiative"

That's the case of your president.

So, please understand that your country is so important in the world scenario, that even foreigners fell the need to express certain opinions.

Keep an open mind.
One day, you will realize that your president threw the world in a very dark age.

5:15 PM  
Blogger Geomarketing en la UAEM said...

Then nothing living out US can protest againist Bush likes kill and kill people, just 'cause we dont live in US? Not even the killed people was murdered y US solidiers than when not kill live by some times in US?

4:40 PM  
Blogger Reuben said...

Tell you what. You stop bombing the world, we'll stop moaning about it.

5:09 AM  

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