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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Ozzie Guillen was wrong, but Jay Mariotti is annoying as hell

A couple of days ago, Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen called Chicago Sun-Times sports columnist Jay Mariotti a f------ fag. Guillen has often had a problem of speaking before thinking about the consequences of his words.

In today's ridiculously politically correct world, and with smut-hungry journalists and newspapers looking for a story, Guillen's comments have understandably made front page news. I don't know Ozzie Guillen as a person, but as a manager, I like him (even though I'm not fond of the White Sox). That doesn't excuse him from publicly using the words he did. I think he should be given a 2-3 game suspension because he does need to learn that in this country, those kind of comments don't fly.

However, Jay Mariotti is a nasal dumbkrauft. I can't watch "Around the Horn" on ESPN anymore because I know that he'll most likely be on it. The guy probably couldn't play sports as a kid, and now he's become a sportswriter so he can get his revenge on all the guys who were more athletic than he was. He never has anything positive to say about anyone. It's always about how stupid such and such player is, or how bone-headed of a decision some manager made. Jay, we can all be Monday Morning quarterbacks, but the majority of us don't choose to be, because it annoys the hell out of people.

I'm not saying Mariotti can't be critical, but he needs to mix in some at least neutral stories and opinions. I wish they'd just get rid of all the regulars on "Around the Horn" besides Woody Paige, and revamp it with GOOD sportswriters such as my personal favorite Frank Deford, and guys like Mike Luprica and Mitch Albom. To not seem sexist, I'd enjoy seeing Christine Brennan on the show as well. She's also a wonderful and talented columnist.

I wish Mariotti would just shut-up. Guillen's mouth needs to be watched at times, but I can see why he'd be annoyed with nasal Mariotti. Calling him a fag was completely unacceptable, however.


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