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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Congrats on win #1000 Joe!

The Yankees win today in Texas marked the 1,000th victory for Joe Torre as Yankee manager. When he took the position in 1995, the Yankees were, to say it kindly ,lackluster. One year later, however, he took the Yankees to the World Series and defeated the favored Atlanta Braves.

He won three more championships in the 90s. No manager in the game today has even come close to the amount of success Joe Torre has had. Yes, he has had some fantastic players on his teams. But sometimes those superstar teams are the hardest ones to manage and succeed. Look at the Lakers w/Kobe, Shaq, GP and Karl Malone. What a disaster that was! Something must be said for Torre's gift of managing.

Congrats Joe on number 1000!!! And by the end of October, you'll have a World Series ring for each finger!



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