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Monday, May 01, 2006

Yankees will prevail

So the Yankees lost tonight to their disgusting arch-rival, the Red Sox. Besides the fact that it spoiled Johnny Damon's return to (over-rated and run-down) Fenway Park, I'm not really worried. Damon's bat is finally hot, Giambi's back to his MVP form, Jeter's hitting .400 and A-Rod will pick up in no time. Hideki's in a bit of a slump, but he'll snap out of it too. Good news as well that Sheff's collision with Hillenbrand over the weekend vs. the Jays isn't serious.

Pitching-wise, Moose has been fantastic, with one of the lowest E.R.A.'s in the game right now. The Big Unit always intimidates opposing batters, Chacon's put together consecutive good outings, and Wang pitched a decent game tonight despite the loss. The big loss this year is Flash Gordon at set-up. Hopefully Farnsworth can pick up the slack, and as always, if the Yankees have the lead in the 8th, the game's over, because Mariano is money and in, my opinion, the most dominating player of his generation.

And if any BoSox fans wanna get into an argument, two words: Twenty-Six. Trust me, the Boss isn't going to let another year pass without a World Series title. The Sox won't even make the playoffs, as they're only the 3rd best team in the AL East as the Jays have grabbed the 2-spot.

And for all those Cubs fans who say this is the year, keep telling yourself that. You've been saying that for almost a century, and we all know what's happened. I really believe Sosa will curse the Cubs just like the Babe cursed the BoSox.

Go Yankees!!!


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