Champagne Socialist

Monday, May 01, 2006

political turn-around

In just one year at college, I've drastically changed my political views. I came into Wabash as a pretty staunch conservative. But now, at year's end, I'm a champagne socialist. Lenin made a lot of sense after reading him last night. I've always said Marx was crazy, but he did point out that there is injustice among classes in the world, and nowhere is this injustice more prevalent than in our country today. I think Marxism is stupid and impractical, but Lenin's NEP makes sense. Conservatives in this country worry too much about issues like gay marriage. I'm not a vocal supporter of gay marriage. But it's not one of the more important issues today.

I wouldn't really call myself a liberal though. I'm pro-life (except in extreme circumstances) and I hate their economic policy. I do wish Clinton was back in office, but he really didn't control the economy, just like Reagan really didn't in his years when the economy was booming. People need to understand that the president really has no control over our economy. We really need a third political party in this country.


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