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Friday, May 05, 2006

A Kennedy in Rehab? Why am I not surprised

Some interesting news today: Sen.Ted Kennedy's son, a congressman from Rhode Island, has announced that he's entering rehab. He was in a car crash a couple of days ago, and blamed the crash on pain killers. Hmmm, who else was a famous pill popper? Ah yes, like uncle like nephew! Uncle JFK sure knew how to consume all sorts of pills and invigorating substances while he was in the Oval Office. And good old Dad has had plenty of experience dealing with the law (like the time he got drunk and drove into a lake, killing his female companion).

I can't stand the Kennedys! Granted, they've had their share of bad luck. Several tragic deaths. JFK's legacy though is kept honorable today only because he died young. He was not a great president, and people would have found out in time about all of his different affairs with underage girls, questionable substances, etc. Oh, and how he and his brother both got a little too intimate with Marilyn Monroe and then had had enough and decided to kill her.

Joseph Kennedy, the father of JFK, was a crooked, spoiled, anti-semetic, dishonest, and dishonorable man. He made his fortune bootlegging during the Prohibition period. He cheated on his wife and bragged about it. He lied about his upbringing, saying he was an underprivileged boy who had to work his way up to success, but in reality, his father was one of the most influential and wealthy men in Boston.

I'm sick of the Kennedy's ability to avoid all the horrible things they've done by hiding behind their good looks and tragedies. JFK Jr, JFK, RFK, Michael....all died far too young and it's very tragic. But these tragic deaths can't hide the fact that the Kennedy family has been full of crooked and dishonest men. It's disgusting as far as I'm concerned.


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