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Thursday, May 04, 2006

If I was GM of the Pacers...

I just returned from the Pacers game tonight...which turned out to be their last game of the season. Like last year, what started out as a very promising season ended up in disappointment, largely because of Ron Artest. I made a mistake in thinking Artest would be a changed man this season. He wasn't. It was also disappointing not to have Peja for most of the playoffs, since he was the guy we got for Artest in the first place.

Here's some suggestions/predictions/etc for next season:
-Get rid of Jamaal Tinsley. Get rid of Jamaal Tinsley. Get rid of Jamaal Tinsley: Anthony Johnson has proven that he can play and more importantly run the team efficiently. Tinsley has shown flashes of brilliance throughout his career, but that's not enough. We need consistency at point, and Tinsley doesn't give us that.
-Play Jasikevicius more: Sarunas played very well for most of the regular season, and then for some reason, Carlisle stopped playing him as much. Yes, Sarunas struggled these final few games, but anyone would if they're not seeing consistent playing time. He's our best shooter, and he needs to have AT LEAST 15 minutes each night.
-Cherish Danny Granger and protect him with your life!: This guy is a special talent, and the Pacers's future success depends on him.
-Change the offense: Besides the end of this season, I like Coach Carlisle. But we need to change the offense. The slowed-down, half-court offense has not worked well enough. I'm not saying we need to become a fast-break team. But something needs to change.


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