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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Some Miscellaneous Rants

A few random thoughts:
-Why is Senator Ted Kennedy on the Senate-Judiciary committee? It disturbed me that someone who killed a woman because he drove drunk can question a U.S. Supreme Court Candidate on morals and law-related issues.
-I wish most of the musicians of today would just shut-up, especially Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson, Kelly Clarkson, James Blunt and The Shins.
-Why the hell don't the Pacers play Jasikevicius more?! Johnson's been playing great at point, but Carlisle needs to give Jasikevicius more playing time off the bench. He provides a spark everytime he comes in, plus he's a crowd favorite. Tinsley also needs to leave. He's had 5 years to prove himself, and besides occasional flashes of promise, he's just been an out-of-shape, non-chalant, brick-shooting waste of a roster space.
-Who the hell does George Clooney think he is? Good Night and Good Luck was a good movie, but like Springsteen, he needs to realize that he's an actor, and no more. Leave the humanitarian stuff to the humanitarians. It's a cheap way to try and get attention and praise, George. And your Oscar acceptance speech this year was pathetic.
-Why did Paul Lynde have to die? We need his comedy more than ever today. Luckily, Rip Taylor is still alive and doing great.
-The Who are going on tour this year!
-What the hell was up with the Texans passing up Reggie Bush in the first round?! If nothing else, they needed to pick Bush to gain fan support and attendance after a pathetic season last year. Mario Williams will not do that. Williams padded his sacks up last year in blow-out wins at NC State as well. Reggie Bush is a player that comes around about once every 7-10 years, and the Texans will dearly pay for this. Mark my word: The Saints WILL make the play-offs this year, and actually advance in them as well. GM Charlie Casserly has written his own death warrant in Houston.
-No, I don't feel comfortable allowing Iran and its psychopath president to continue on with their nuclear program. Yet it does feel strange that we, who have nuclear weapons, can tell others not to build them. There was that famous answer Bush or one of his aides gave when a reporter asked why they support Israel having a nuclear program and not Iran: "Because Israel is a non-Arab state surrounded by hostile Arab nations". (for those of you who don't know, Iran, though Muslim, is NOT an Arab state, and has faced it's fair share of hostility from its neighbors as well).


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